Supermarket Soliloquy


“supermarket soliloquy is a testament of biological tik tok problems. The lady is mentally dysfunctional and she burdens us with pessimism brewing form endless insecurities, she should give herself a break”


“In the story the narrator uses a Supermarket for an illustrative exploration of the past. It is in the impersonal environment of the Supermarket that .She recognises what she has lost.”

@mjay “The phrase “supermarket soliloquy” indicates that we will read a story set in a supermarket that explores the thoughts of a character in the setting.”

Key to understanding this short story is to unpack and understand the title first, understanding the title, “Supermarket Soliloquy” aids in your understanding of this rather ambiguous and confusing story.

Meaning of the title @blessing

The title makes it easy for one to understand the story even though one might find intimidating words like “soliloquy”. The word soliloquy comes from the word soliloquize which is simply when a person is basically talking to themselves or when a person is having conversations in their own head which we human beings tend to do especially when we are idle and not doing anything. Therefore, the title simply means that there is a person in the short story who is talking to themselves as they are buying groceries at the supermarket. It’s basically a lady who goes to the supermarket to buy groceries but as she buys the groceries , she is meditating on a lot of things and talking to herself thus this story is about the conversations that a middle aged woman is having in her head as she is buying groceries at the supermarket.

To support my assertion, you see this lady seeing trolleys and starts thinking of babies thus the whole topic of maternity and motherhood starts playing in her mind and the conversation starts. First paragraph supports this “there is a queue of empty trolleys lined outside. Like wire prams”

Meaning of the story by @zukiswa

In the story the narrator uses a Supermarket for an illustrative exploration of the past. It is in the impersonal environment of the Supermarket that She recognises what she has lost. Each product that she picks up sets off a series of memories that make connections with what she has left behind. She expresses her thoughts loudly, having a conversation with herself. For example in page 225. She is asked; “you always look miles away, so distracted, busy writing something, I suppose. Mind elsewhere”

Meaning of the storyby @mjay

A soliloquy is a monologue spoken by a theatrical character in which the character conveys his or her inner thoughts and feelings. The phrase “supermarket soliloquy” indicates that we will read a story set in a supermarket that explores the thoughts of a character in the setting. The story’s title provides us a hint as to what to expect. I’d also say the narrator is a woman who compares guys she’s had relationships with to grocery store commodities. The narrator compares a woman’s life to an empty cart about to enter the store at the beginning of the story. The first paragraph, I believe, explains how difficult it is to be a woman. The phrase “entrance is free” implies that women enter this life for free, but their lives are burdened by debts. These debts may result in the birth of children. I believe this short story contains tactics such as simile and metaphor. In this story, similes are used to emphasize emotional tones and to paint a realistic picture of what is happening……. 🤣 I tried to analyze this short story but it’s difficult

A look into the character.

The main character makes this story highly captivating for she allows us to look into her own thoughts so that we can see the issues she is meditating on. The thoughts that rage in her mind are mostly to do with her aging body which seems to be something that is brewing a lot of insecurities. She realises that is aging and she is incapable of being that young and active woman she used to be, she says it herself when a trolley that doesn’t properly function reminds her of how she is no longer properly functioning as a woman. She says” the one you choose has a gammy wheel which reminds you that you are no longer a spry young woman with a comatose cutie” . She basically equates herself to a dysfunctional trolley and sees herself in the trolle’s dysfunction for she believes that the effects of aging have made her dysfunctional. This is what is meant by soliloquizing, for our character speaks to herself as she interacts with objects in the supermarket. 

How objects in the supermarket make her soliloquize

Each object is symbolic of the issues she is battling with. For instance, she sees a tray of eggs in the supermarket and starts thinking of pregnancy for to her the eggs in the tray look like pregnant women awaiting childbirth. Moreover, the broken eggs remind her of  a miscarrige which we suspect she might have gone through.Not only that, she also sees packets of milk in the supermarket which remind her of how her breasts used to be full of milk but her breasts are no longer full of milk. Through this milk scenario we see all the insecurities that aging is bringing to her. She sees herself as incapable of flirting with men because aging is making her unattractive.

My commentary on the Character.

The story is a clear testament of the psychological and physical problems that women go through during middle age or rather when they hit menopause. “During middle ages, women face many stressors such as mental conflicts,  health problems, and childrearing difficulties . These stressors can cause great concern for middle-aged women and damage their mental health.”

The lady in the story is one great example of a person going through biological tik tok issues.

There are a lot of perceived undesirable physical changes and perceived undesirable psychological changes that she goes through. The woman goes through undesirable changes in appearance. To show bothered she is, accidentally sees herslelf in a mirror that is in the supermarket and perceives the image she sees of herself is gross ,”…a glimpse of yourself in an unexpected mirror you have an urge to charge  them with gross misrepresentation.A distortion of yourself leers up at you as you leen over” These lines clearly shows that she suffers from disturbed body image, self-hate, and a sense of ugliness.Age-related changes in appearance such as facial wrinkles, appearance of gray hairs, decreased visual acuity, weight gain, and decreased physical ability  undermines herself-confidence, self-worth, and well-being and hence, causes her different mental health problems such as depression. It is this depression that makes her talk to herself whilst in the supermarket for she is constantly being confronted by middle age issues.

The story takes a second twist

To be continued…..more inform

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